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Tai Chi Caledonia 2019

Ben will be teaching at this years Tai Chi Caledonia (5th July to 12th July). Over the weekend he will be covering practical self defence, Wu Dang stick form and Bagua mindset. During the week he will be exploring the 8 energies of Tai…

Tai Chi session for HOST Legal, HSBC group

Had a very enjoyable session teaching some Tai Chi to staff from HOST Legal in Leeds today. Looking forward to returning there in the future.

Invitation to teach at Tai Chi Caledonia 2018

Ben from Tai Chi Professional is once again happy to accept an invitation to teach at Tai Chi Caledonia. Over the weekend he will teach sessions on the Fundamentals of Fixed Step Pushing Hands, Moving Step Push Hands and From Pushing to Applications.

Appearance on BBC Radio Leeds for Mental Health day

Ben from Tai Chi Professional was invited to go into the studios at BBC Radio Leeds to talk about Tai Chi and the benefits it can have for mental health on Mental Health Day. Whilst there he taught some Tai Chi movements to presenter…

Teaching relaxation at Weetwood Hall for Leeds Trinity University

Ben was happy to be invited to Weetwood Hall (Leeds) to teach some relaxation techniques to the staff of the professional placement office from Leeds Trinity University as part of a department ‘away day’.

Teaching relaxation at Staff ‘Away Day’ for Leeds Trinity University

Ben was happy to teach relaxation techniques to staff from the student academic office from Leeds Trinity University, as part of a staff ‘away day’.